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Areas Covered:

particularly Pattingham, Wightwick, Ackleton, Worfield, Bobbington, Claverley, Enville, Trysull, Seisdon, Rudge, Wombourne, Lower Penn, Codsall and Albrighton.

About Molefree:

My name is Dave and for the past 21 years I have worked at local parks, country estates and sport facilities in Horticulture and grounds maintenance, but mainly specialising in lawn care.

This is where I first encountered what problems and devastation a stray mole could cause, be it to a small manicured lawn or a roughly cut paddock.  The problems caused to both land and machinery could be labour intensive to rectify and costly to fix (an average price to regrind a greensmower cylinder is £200).

This is when I started to study the mole and its habits and soon realised that the only sure way to remove a mole from an area was to use a high quality trap tuned and set correctly to dispatch the mole quickly and effectively to ensure there is no suffering to the mole and not use deterrents, windmills or poisonous gases on the market, as to me, they just tended to move the mole over towards new ground thus creating more mole hills and runs. It is possible to catch a live mole but it is illegal to release it anywhere and would ultimately cause unnecessary suffering due to their territorial nature.

Over the years I have honed my skills as a mole catcher and have an excellent success rate and am usually able to remove your problem mole within 48 hours, however I always inform my customers that although moles are territorial there may be more than one mole and runs are always susceptible to re infestation.

The only traps I use are barrel traps (these are the trap of choice amongst most mole catchers due to their success rate when set correctly).

Half Barrel Mole Traps

I am proud to be a member of the APMC and take pride in only using old traditional methods of trapping and never toxins, that not only cause a nasty death for a mole but may also have a huge negative impact on the environment.


Customer Feedback:
"Dave solved our mole problems in 24hrs,  efficient service, thanks."
J. P. Staffordshire
 "I'd recommend Dave if you have a mole, all our lawns are hill free for the first time in years, well done Dave."
M. W. Codsall
"Highly experienced molecatcher."
T. M. Pattingham

For all enquiries contact:
Dave: 07971 789239

Dave Adderley - Traditional Molecatcher

I also undertake all other aspects of pest control - rats, mice, wasps, cluster flies etc.
WaspI can usually sort out your wasp or hornet problem within 24 hours.
Wasp nest
Grass field with mole hills
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